Product Detail

Mace is the waxy covering of the shell of nutmeg. It is net-like in shape and red in color. When it is dried, the color will slowly shift into orange and will become yellow if stored for a longer time. It is used as flavoring agent and is very aromatic.

Species Myristica fragrans
In Other Language:
Indonesian fuli
Indian javitri
Chinese 肉豆蔻皮 Ròu dòukòu pí
Italian macis
Dutch foelie
Spanish macis
German mazis
Available grade that we offer:
Whole II
Broken II
Container Load:
Whole - 20' – 6-8 MT packing in jute bag, 30/40 kg
20’ – 5 MT packing in carton, 15kg
Broken - 20' -  10 MT packing in jute bag, 50kg



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