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We also provide other commodities such as cloves, clove stems, and nutmeg shells


Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the tree Syzigium aromaticum, family myrtaceae. It is usually harvested when it is pink in color, and when it is dried the color will turn to brown. While many people use cloves for culinary uses, cloves are used to make a type of cigarette called kretek in Indonesia. Clove stems are usually sold separately to mix with cloves and make a cheaper kind of ground cloves.

Species Syzygium aromaticum
In Other Language:
Indonesian Cengkeh
Indian Laung
Chinese 丁香Dīngxiāng
Vietnamese đinh hương
Italian Chiodo di garofano
Dutch Kruidnagel
Spanish Clavo
German Gewurznelken
Available grade that we offer:
Hand Picked Selections (HPS)
Clove Stems
Container Load:
20’ – 12MT packing in jute bag 60kg


Nutmeg Shell

Nutmeg Shell is the shell that covers the nutmeg seed. Its color is light to dark brown, and it is usually used in BBQ to replace coals and bring out nutmeg savor to your BBQ. 

Container Load:
40’ – around 20MT
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